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14. Juni 2015

„A nolle pros was entered in the case of Baird

19; Styx, Nov. 9; Lee Brice, Randy Houser, Nov. 10; Michael Carbonaro, Nov. In November 2006, the Punjab and Haryana High Court issued notices to the Union Health Ministry and the BCCI in a case seeking directions to restrain Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj and Dhoni from appearing in an ad for Royal Stag whisky. Endorsements may not be the only reason for the dismal performance, but they have come under the scanner as they have taken the player’s minds off their core competency to play cricket. Sanyal agrees the team was „de focused due to endorsements and appearance other than cricket.“Those who chose to bet their brands on the cricket bandwagon are now reviewing their strategies.

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The Fix: Keep up your regular workouts, as this will strengthen your immune system and release positive endorphins to help combat stress. Supplementing with glutamine is a great idea since glutamine stores can easily be depleted during overtraining as well. Add to 1 teaspoon in your post workout shake to boost immunity and keep your gut functioning properly..

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